Prevent corrosion

Surface Coatings are an essential tool for fighting the problem of component degradation due to corrosion and other damage mechanisms.

When designed, specified and manufactured correctly, coatings significantly extend component life .

We provide a rapid, first class service to clients by providing highly qualified inspectors

Our Inspectors understand the need to perform quality work that exceeds our client’s expectations.

We set ourselves apart from the competition by providing our staff with support and up to date training enabling them to provide a comprehensive service from the initial survey to onsite inspections, ensuring that all works are completed in accordance with the specification.

We provide NACE Level 2 and Frosio Level 3 Senior Inspectors covering projects from the Oil and Gas Industry through the Offshore-wind among other sectors.

Challenges associated with protective coatings inspections include defects or failures in coating systems due to improper surface preparation, cleanliness, and environmental condition applications. It is essential to verify the quality of coating procedures to prevent unnecessary problems.

These challenges can cause delays in the construction schedule, which as a result, will increase the costs of the project.  We have the ability to provide protective coatings inspection services, whether it is to assure surface application methods, required thicknesses, and/or preparation methods.

The surface preparation and application of a protective coatings system is the foundation for a successful long lasting coating system.  Many factors should be considered when designing a coating application including but not limited to environment, expected service life and application limitations.  Good execution of the preparation / application process is necessary to maintain a low annual cost. Also, our Certified Inspectors can be present to witness and perform visual inspection of coatings in accordance to the specifications

We also provide, on demand:

Technical consulting through our engineers who assist with understanding the root causes of coating failure, recommendations for corrective action and repair procedures when required.

Coating selection advice as to suitability of coatings for particular environments and specification of suitable application, inspection and maintenance programs.