Troubleshooting skills

to solve your complex technical problems

Claims are often the result of inadequate preparation. Unclear work scopes and ambiguous contract terms increase risks. Liability claims can be avoided by properly preparing tender documents.

Our mission is to assist our clients with technical expertise and experience, and to serve as expert engineering consultants in a wide range of disciplines.

Our differential value is based on materials deep knowledge, engineering technologies and construction codes study and how these are applied in industry.

Our team is involved from the beginning which aids your company to develop precise contractual terms, clear and detailed definition of work scope and avoid unnecessary disputes.

We can also provide guidance on issues affecting your business, including: product / process development, technology acquisition, manufacturing support, asset life management, or failure investigation.

If you already have a dispute, we can help you by analyzing the complaint, conducting site visits, or supporting you in key meetings.

Our consultants are specialized mechanical engineers and cover all aspects of the engineering process, from the work of your design team to the investigation of root cause analysis in failure investigations.

We can also help by providing:

  • Technical procedures and relationships with customers or suppliers.
  • On-site visits to help you with problem solving management.
  • Forensic Engineering. We apply our engineering knowledge to determine why a pressure vessel, machine, process, etc. has failed. It also evaluates and tries to determine why there was damage to a structure or machine. It involves using reverse engineering to find out why a component, structure, or machine failed to perform properly.
  • Root Cause Analysis. We take an approach to identifying the underlying causes of an incident so that the most effective solutions can be identified and implemented. Steps are: Identify and describe the problem clearly, establish a timeline from the normal situation up to the time the problem occurred, distinguish between the root cause and other causal factors, establish a causal graph between the root cause and the problem.

We help you to define the problem, determine the causes, identify, prioritize, and select alternatives for a solution and implement the solution.