Technical Expert Witness services for industrial-related cases

Clear, concise and effective communication

Highly experienced engineering team qualified to address independent expert reports, acting as expert witness in domestic and international courts.

Our engineers have the education, training, certification, skills and experience needed for industrial-related cases.

Certified engineers with a wide experience in European and American Codes and Standards, as well as other international Standards.

We provide technical expertise, impartiality and the ability to create clear, concise and effective expert reports.

Our experts will prepare an independent expert opinion in their area of expertise on the subject.

We contribute with information on all phases of a case and offer unique perspectives on the strengths and weaknesses of a case.

We help determine whether a position is defendable, test theories, evaluate strategies and anticipate and critique opposing arguments.

We simplify the matter with in-depth analyses, expert witness testimony and clarifying visual presentations.

Technical Expert Services in Asturias and Northern Spain.

Our team, graduates and qualified experts, members of the Official College of Industrial Engineers of Asturias, is specialized in advising and preparing Industrial Expert Reports

We prepare expert reports in the following areas:

Design of tools and special machinery.

Pressure equipment

Process engineering

Mechanics, Industrial Machinery and Thermal Engines

Production and Maintenance

Chemicals and their storage

Construction, Civil Works and Structures in general


Industrial Organization (organization of production, Quality Control, Processes, etc.)

Renewable energy

Power generation

Thermal Installations

Waste water treatment